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Hey everyone,

Here is an update from the Sunday workday. We have Brian and dog drop by to say hi at the beginning of the workday. Then Ian B came over for about an hour and help get all the tomatoes that would fit into plot 19 planted! Yay! Thanks Ian. (And Ian, you were right that was not plot 17, turns out that was 19. My fault, ops!)

Joe detoured into the garden and hung out at the garden for maybe half the workday. Besides helping me to stay hydrated. Thanks Joe! (I forgot to factor in the extended workday and bring more drinkable water.) He watered stuff and planted the green and Red Sails lettuce seeds from Madeleine H. Thanks Madeleine!

(And yes Ian, right again. I guess the other stuff needed water too.)

He also brought news that the Toronto Police was looking for someone in the Black Creek on Sunday afternoon. That was the reason he had to detour and drop by the garden actually.

Besides helicopters in the sky, we actually had a police cruiser drive right up pass the garden and sit in front of the trail / path Southeast of the garden. I popped out to say hi earlier when I saw the cruiser, but it didn’t connect that the officer were looking for someone.

Tom C and friend (Shannon I think?) dropped by at about 9 pm-ish.

Planted: Seedlings from The Stop. Including the Cheyenne bush squash, some tomatoes, peppers, 2 oregano and eggplants, 4 little lettuce, intercropped fennel, dill, parsley, chives, Brussels sprouts, and a nasturtium,

Some tomatoes were tagged with “Ually Give Tomato”, but I looked it up and can’t find any info on this variety. Window boxed some Irish Eyes and something else, if they ever get IDed, do let me know. I’m curious.

FOUND: A dead and decaying snake on the South end of plot 8 in the grass. I wonder what killed it. 😦

Harvested: Joe and I harvested a mix of stuff from the garden. Ian was in a rush and will be back the next day or day after.

Update: The hostas from Cherie A are looking rather burned on the tips and the tiger lilies look like they will take a while to get used to the transplanting. Gave them a deep watering and crossed my fingers. Think they will recover. The seedlings from Jennifer M are still under lights in the office. Thanks Maria for getting them under lights ASAP. You rock! And yay Roma tomatoes, think Bikrum is going to look forward to those. 🙂


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Hey folks.

Yesterday’s workday was pretty productive despite the thundershower. 🙂 Najat has pictures.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order):

HongMan ( I think? Please correct me if I’m wrong) + daughter
And another garden member whose name I didn’t catch / forgot (Sorry! If anyone can let me know, I can edit this post accordingly.)

We cut back the herbs, did some harvesting, some weeding (think bindweed), and Tom and Jim figured out the best spot for the incoming compost.

Please feel free to chime in about the other things that got done. I got there later so this list is most likely missing stuff.

The peas are looking productive. It looks like we’ll be able to save some pods instead of buying peas next year! 🙂

As for the bindweed, the current score seems to be Bindweed-2, He1ena-1. I’ll work on it. 😛

Also thanks to everyone who signed the FS card, it’ll be taken down later tonight.

Hope the compost delivery went well!

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Hey folks,

Tomorrow’s workday will be led by Maria starting at about 4:30pm if
there isn’t thunder showers.

Despite today’s sun, there is the risk of thunderstorms and chance of
thunder- showers tomorrow afternoon / evening, so tomorrow’s workday
is weather dependent.

Hope the shed key issue is resolved before tomorrow’s workday or
alternatively someone with a shed key can offer to be there at 4:30pm.

I’ll be there later, but I’ll be there.

See you all then, at least the ones who can make it. 🙂

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 Hi Everyone,

Next Tuesday, June 3, we’ll be having another fairly informal post-workday potluck.

Just bring whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be a full meal, just something small to munch on while we sit together and share, and relax together after the workday.

If you are able, please bring a food item to share. Don’t worry if you can’t – we always end up with too much!

If you are bringing something, do try to bring food that does not need to be refrigerated. Not having to hunt for a fridge on campus will make life easier.

Please comment on this post to let us know if you’ll be joining us.

Let everyone know what you can bring and/or if there is any dietary considerations (allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) we should be aware of.

And if you have some extra dishes/cutlery/cups please bring them along to help reduce our waste at this event.

Tom P is away, and Susie is having classes that day, so I’m posting on their behalf.

(Note: If the potluck falls on a “rain day” workday, please consider the potluck cancelled.)

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