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Hi folks,

Most of the plants from the Foodshare plant giveaway have already been planted. So there is little left to plant.

If anyone feels like it, the smaller plants could use some water when it doesn’t rain.

So far Najat, Maria and I got most of the pumpkins, herbs, flowers, and tomatoes in with the help of Maria’s new recruit who stayed with us till well after dark to plant and water.

Carli (hope I am spelling your name right) and her friend stopped by briefly for a garden tour on their walk and tried their hand at plot expansion.

Updated list of what got planted where:

Now we have a row of sunflowers in front of the water tank. (At least two varieties.) And some extras in the west end of the garden for the birds.

The Thai Basil was planted with some tomatoes.

Lily of the Valley and Primrose were planted close to / in plot 26.

The plants with the red flowers were planted on the edge of the wildflower patch.

The tall ornamental grass and the lamb’s ears are behind the water tank.

Snapdragons are in the flowers. (26?)

The marigold plugs are by the peas.

The yarrow is in the herb patch.

Around the potatoes, going anti-clockwise starting in the North, there are hot and sweet peppers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, more tomatoes and finally okra.

(Note: As much as possible we have gotten tomatoes with tags. But due to the amount of stuff we were getting and planting, we were not able to track the varieties by name.)

There are 3 pumpkin mounds on what used to be bindweed territory.
(Cross our fingers they’ll do ok.) We can’t think of anywhere else to put them.

There are two artichokes / cardune-like things bracketing the two ends of a tomato plot.

Small plugs of tomatoes in 3/4 of a plot. (Might need to be replanted due to spacing, but we figured that ex-winter rye plot would make a good holding spot until we figured out where they would go.)

Almost done, a little more planting and lots of watering to go! ๐Ÿ™‚ I for one had a really fun day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Najat and Maria for making it so fun!

See pictures of our adventures. (Thanks to Najat and her camera phone. She will be posting pics.) From our Zen-like Timmie picnic in rush hour TTC traffic to us sorting through the score. Sorry we don’t have a picture of the beautiful purple sunset.

But we do have loads of planted plants, thanks to Maria’s ability to wave over someone interested in the garden, give him a tour and put him to work right away. Oh yeah and many thanks to Maria for starting the list of where we planted what. ๐Ÿ™‚

P/s: At the end of the long night, we took some peas, herbs and other stuff from the garden. ๐Ÿ™‚


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It is approaching time for everyone who has tomatoes growing in their windows to start โ€œhardening-offโ€ the plants. Basically this is a process of gradually toughening up the plants and introducing them to outside. The tomatoes have been growing in the protected environment of your windows and the outside is going to introduce a whole new set of growing conditions including direct sunlight, wind, lower temperatures, and air pollution. If you were to take the plants directly from your window and just plant them outside, their growth would be significantly slowed or they may even die.

Seedlings in a box


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My tomato seedlings have developed quickly and now have multiple true leaves. When your seedlings have reached this stage, it is time to transplant them into a larger pot. Read on for detailed instructions on how to do this and pictures I took as I did it yesterday.


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The true leaves have emerged and soon it will be time to transplant these seedlings into larger pots.


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Tomato Update

Most of my tomato seedlings have sprouted now and I can start to see the first signs of true leaves (which are leaves 3 and 4 and will actually look more like a tomato plant’s leaves and not generic seedling leaves).

My seedlings have moved to the window, where they will stay until they are ready to harden off. Our window is north-facing so we supplement natural light with a grow light. I also find that I have to rotate the seedlings so they don’t get too much of a lean towards the window, because that is still their preferred light. At this point they only need water every few days – it is still a good idea to keep the soil moist and not waterlogged or completely dry.

How is seed starting going for everyone else who attended the workshop and took some home? Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

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I’m passing along a picture of the tomatoes I planted 5 days ago, which have just started to sprout. I’m going to keep them covered and in a warm spot for another day or two until more of them have sprouted and then I’ll move them to a windowsill. I hope everyone else who took tomatoes home from the workshop are starting to see sprouts too.

Remember to check the instructions on starting seeds posted earlier in this blog to help answer any questions. If anyone is having problems, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Tomato Planting Workshop 2008

Thank you to everyone who came to the seed planting workshop!

The pictures are now up on the flickr page – check them out using the link on the lefthand side of the blog!

Below is a list of what we planted and a bit about each variety.


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