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We accomplished so much yesterday! I was amazed at how much work got done. A great big “Thank you” to everyone who helped! Last year, I spread the mulch around the garden largely by myself, and although we didn’t have as much as we had this year, it took me 3-4 workdays to get it all spread. BUt, yesterday, the power of teamwork was on full display, and we got almost the entire garden covered! We also measured, dug and cleared a spot for the water tank; we built the four sides of another cold frame/raised bed; we planted Bull’s Blood beets; we took 10 random soil samples to be mixed together and sent to Guelph for testing; we watered the newly sprouting peas and recently planted cold frames; we starting working on raising our third cold frame; and we started drawing a map of the garden; and I have probably forgotten other things we did! Great work, gardeners!


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