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Garden Potlucks

We would like to have Garden Potlucks more regularly this year, about every other week, alternating between a Tuesday workday and Saturday workday, so that everyone will have a chance at some point to be at them.  They will be fairly informal, just bring whatever you want.  It doesn’t have to be a full meal every time, just something small that we can sit together and share at the end of a workday, and enjoy some time relaxing together.  I would suggest planning to bring food that does not need to be refrigerated, as that will just make things easier than trying to find a fridge on campus until we are ready to eat.

I have gone through the calendar from now until the end of August and selected dates for the potlucks.  I think if there are any ‘rain days’ on a potluck workday that the potluck will simply be cancelled, as there would be another one coming along soon.

The dates are as follows:

Saturday May 24
Tuesday June 3
Saturday June 14
Tuesday June 24
Saturday July 5
Tuesday July 15
Saturday July 26
Tuesday August 5
Saturday August 16
Tuesday August 26

We will try and send out reminder emails before each one, and post this list of dates on the blog.  If anyone is interested in planning any other social events in conjunction with the potlucks, please let us know.  Thanks.

-Susie and Tom Peace (Maloca Co-Social Coordinators)


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