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Here are some pictures from the harvest party last wednesday (sorry that some won’t load… I don’t understand it at all.)

Today at the garden myself, Kristin, and a helpful bloke named Tristan cleared out a couple of sad tomato plots (harvesting the green and yellow tomatos within) and added compost to them, and also added compost to the plots in the back that had the squash and potatoes in them. There was a class tour that came in and they seemed like they really appreciated the garden… maybe some will come out to work one day?

I found a plastic-covered basket and covered a rosemary plant, and bundled up a few pepper plants with row cover… there are pepper plants still trying to finish producing so if anyone has a free minute to blankey them up, they’d probably thank you by growing more peppers. Any large plastic jugs that anyone has that can be cut up to make mini-greenhouses would be awesome to cover up the remaining tomato plants, pepper plants, rosemary, etc… also, if anyone has old windows or can access free ones from something like craigs-list, we could use them on our raised beds to keep the veggies happy for at least another month or so.

My plot is the one to the south of the compost pile in the middle of the garden, with all the mint in it. There is lots of mint in it. Please take as much mint as you can possibly use… otherwise the plot will be all mint, only mint, forever. (feel free to dig up a few pieces for your own potted growing).

happy garden clean up season!



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