Thanks for your support during our first seedling sale!
Tomorrow is your last chance to buy organic seedlings and support Maloca Garden. Come down to Maloca between 2pm and 5pm to get basil, parsley, coriander, and cherry tomatoes. We also sell Maloca t-shirts for only 5$ 🙂

Hi Gardeners,

Nights are soon getting nice enough to transplant all our lovely seedlings outdoors. They have been waiting long enough to see the daylight! Join us on May 18 at 1pm for a transplanting spree. We will be transplanting tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, okra, squash, corn, herbs, and flowers. We need a many hands as possible to make sure our seedlings don’t get disturbed for too long. Please join us and help get Maloca in full production mode!

Hi Maloca Friends,

To raise money to update our infrastructures in the garden, we will be selling seedlings on May 15 and 18. We selected plants that grow indoors and outdoors. Come to support Maloca Garden and learn more about growing your own organic food. See the poster attached for a list of seedlings available and the time and place the sale will take place.

Thank you for your support!

Maloca Garden Team

seedling sale

We have been busy building new structures in the last couple of weeks at Maloca Garden.  We started by putting up fences to protect the communal beds from animals. We are really close to the Black Creek Ravine, so a lot of animals come for a snack in the garden. Last year, we did have issues with deer eating the tops of our plants and they never really recovered. To prevent this from happening this summer, we are installing 4 feet high chicken wire fences around our beds. We do also have groundhogs as neighbours, so we dug a feet deep to install wire fences underground. We hope this will prevent animals to find their way in our beds from underneath our feet. Overground and underground protection are not completed yet, but hopefully we will be ready before we transplant our seedlings.


Our wood raised beds also needed some attention. Some new nails allowed us to restore existing beds. We also used some salvaged wood to build new raised beds, both for the communal and individual plots. This is also a work in progress. We dug around the exiting beds, put some stake corners and nailed in the contoured wood planks. To keep the weeds (especially grass) out of our beds, we put wood ships around the structure. We then put the soil back into place and turn it at the same time. They are ready to go!

IMG_0005  IMG_0012

Thanks to all who helped improving Maloca’s infrastructures. If you would like to get involved in building raised bed and fencing, you can join us on Wednesday May 8 between 11:30 and 2:00. We always need more helping hands 🙂

On May 4 at 2pm, we will have our raised-bed building workshop at Maloca Garden. We will work together to repair old raised-beds and learn how to build new ones.
Maloca does have some salvaged wood available, but if you have 2x4x8 that we could use, please bring them on Saturday!

We only have two hammers, so please bring one with you if have one.

We will use hand tools, but if you have battery power tools (especially a saw), work would go way faster!

We hope you join us on Saturday, we will provide snacks for all our volunteers!

Please RSVP at maloca.yorku@gmail.com and let us know what tools you might be bringing 🙂

See you in the garden!Image

The Maloca Garden Team

On April 22, 2013 Maloca Garden came alive once more. Gardeners of different backgrounds gathered to get the garden ready for the growing season. We did some spring cleaning and planting! Onions, beets, radishes, rutabagas, carrots, turnips, lettuce, arugula, peas, and beans are now in the ground and ready to sprout! We also pruned the raspberry bushes so we can have more productive plants. The compost was aerated to improve decomposition after the reduced activity during winter. The flower and herb gardens are now free from dead dried plants so we can have more space for more diversity. Finally, we started to protect the raised beds from animal pest. We installed some chicken wire fences, but not all the beds are fenced yet.

Thank you that all who came to help to put Maloca Garden in shape for the summer. Your participation is really appreciated!


Maloca Garden’s next event will be a raised-bed building workshop. We are going to restore the existing wood structures and build new ones. Hopefully, we will also continue to fence our raised-beds. If you are interested in joining us for that event, stay tuned for upcoming information or email us at maloca.yorku@gmail.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

Next weekend we’ll be hosting our annual Spring dig-in! The weather has been gorgeous lately, so let’s hope for more sunny skies!

Join us next Saturday, June 2ND from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. We’ll be doing a lot of planting and celebrating the start of another season. As usual, this event will be a potluck. If you’d like to participate, please bring your own plate and cutlery because we would like to try to minimize waste. Also, please feel free to bring your family and friends, the more the merrier!

We hope to see everyone there!

P.S. Don’t forget a water bottle & some sunscreen, there’s very little shade down at the garden.

2012 Spring Dig-In Poster – CLICK ME!